with Sarah Hocombe, World Renowned Fresco and Mural Painter


6:30pm – 8:00pm, Tuesday 7th June 2022


Online Workshop



In this 1.5 hour course you will learn how to cut out a Silhouette Portrait of a pet (or other animal). You will need to provide a really clear image of the pet in profile to work from (either just their head or their whole body). The animal should fit onto an A4 sheet.


You will need the following materials:

– A 4 Paper: 1 x sheet of white paper from which you will cut out the silhouette (Fairly thick paper (120 – 300 g/m2 weight) would be best)

– 1 x sheet of coloured paper for the background of the silhouette (the weight of this paper is not important)

– 1 x sheet of tracing paper (check that you can see your image clearly through the tracing paper before the course starts!)

(You may wish to have some additional, spare, sheets of paper as well)

– Scissors: General purpose scissors, plus manicure scissors with curved blades if possible (if you don’t have any of the latter, other small scissors with pointed blades will be very useful for cutting out small shapes).

– Pencil

– Eraser

– Pencil Sharpener

– Ball-point Pen

– a single Cocktail or Kebab Stick

– Stick Glue (such as Pritt Stick)

– Approximately 20 cm of Sellotape or Masking Tape


There are 8 places available on this course.


Materials not included. Additional cost approx. £10.

Materials list described above.



Sarah Hocombe

Sarah Hocombe is a world renowned fresco and mural painter who also works in oil and acrylic. Most of her work is on commission and varies in subject matter and scale, from large frescoes in commercial, public, and private buildings to miniatures. Her illustrations have been used on a wide range of products.

Sarah’s clients have included the Royal Warrant Holders Association and the Royal Collection Trust. Her paintings appear in public and private collections and buildings in the U.K., Europe, and North America. 

Sarah is a Chelsea College of Art and Design graduate (where she went on to teach) and a Churchill Fellow and Queen Elizabeth Trust Scholar.

Sarah is the author of Fresco Painting: For Home and Garden.