with Lucy McGrath, Professional Marbler


6:30pm – 8:00pm, Tuesday 8th February 2022


Online Workshop



In this new, exciting and energetic evening course, led by paper marbler and Creative Dimension Trust tutor Lucy McGrath, you will learn Japanese Suminagashi.

Marbling is a fascinating technique that lies somewhere between painting, print-making and science – paints are floated onto a bath of thickened water and manipulated to make beautiful designs. Traditionally associated with bookbinding, Lucy is on a mission to modernise the craft, using a range of innovative techniques and materials.


There are 15 places available on this course.


Materials not included. Additional cost approx. £20.

Materials list will be supplied in advance of your course.



Lucy McGrath

Lucy discovered and fell in love with book-binding while studying Illustration at the University of Brighton.  She managed to slip a hand-bound book into most assignments, and carried on making them as gifts for friends & family after she graduated.


A holiday to Istanbul introduced Lucy to ebru, the incredible art of traditional Turkish marbling. She quickly became obsessed, taking a course with skilled marbler Victoria Hall back in the UK and learning through sheer trial-and-error.


Paper marbling is an old and beautiful technique and whilst honouring it’s heritage, Lucy loves to bring it right up to date with her use of bold, fresh colours and fluid patterns. Every marbled paper is different, so each book made is a unique piece.  Lucy launched Marmor Paperie in 2015 with the hope of breathing new life into the art of paper marbling. Seeing shops saturated with mass-produced products, she wanted to herald a return to quality workmanship and give people back the joy of owning something truly special.


Having been awarded the Arts Society/Cockpit Arts Award in 2016, Marmor Paperie keeps going from strength to strength.