Etching Workshop – A Tutor’s View

When I was initially asked to take on the 6 week long Saturday schools at C&G I was very excited to have the opportunity to be able to teach my skills to a group of eager students of such a young age range. I have been teaching Etching for 7 years now, and usually my students are 19+, so not only was it a new experience for the students, but for me also.

Having never met any of the students attending my class before I had no idea of the level or talent they would all bring to my lessons, but after even the first few hours it was clear that each of them bought their own unique love for learning, an incredible energy, drive and determination. Everything I threw at them they were able to grasp immediately, some even problem solving on their own and coming to me with ideas and solutions that I hadn’t planned on teaching them until later in the course! The quality of work was of a very high standard, not only through their technical understanding of the process, but with each individuals’ draftsmanship and natural talents. Overall we had an excellent turn out week on week, and the students came away with dozens of beautiful, professionally printed (by them) artworks which they can use for portfolio submissions to Higher Education, as well as a deep understanding and appreciation for print, which will place them a step above others in their future career paths.

Etching is a 500 year old process, still very much used in the world today, mainly by artists. There is a very big demand for printmakers, and many careers within the world of print. But as more institutions are losing the funding to run print rooms these very unique and important skills are being lost for the next generation. Our ethos at C&G is to not let this happen, and I was glad to have met Penny and to learn her values and motivation behind The Creative Dimension were the same, as well as opening the students eyes to the incredibly broad field of jobs in the creative industry.

Working with Penny, The Creative Dimension and the students has been a real pleasure. Penny’s passion and enthusiasm and the ethos of what the Creative Dimension stands for is truly inspiring and I was glad to be part of it and to be able to offer my skills to such an exceptional group of young adults.