The Changes in the Education System – New Policies show a further decline in creative subjects.

Over the last few years there has been a significant decline in the creative subjects being taught in schools. Whilst this is having an affect on the crafting sector, it is also having an impact in other areas, such as in the scientific and medical sectors.

We have students who have very high exam grades, but lack tactile general knowledge so they struggle even to perform chemistry experiments. An obvious example is of a surgeon needing some dexterity and skill in sewing or stitching.

Whilst some feel that this could partially be due to technology, as students are not learning how to interact with material objects in the same way as in the past. The main issue is the decline in creative subjects in schools. An article published by The Edge Foundation on the Governments focus on Edge Future Learning noted that “Creative subjects count for less” in this new proposed educational setting.

Students have become ``less competent and less confident`` in using their hands

The Creative Dimension Trust aims to try and prevent this issue from occurring by helping students remember that they have a variety of options when it comes to choosing a career.

The breadth of activities and techniques learned has inspired our students and filled staff with envy! (I wish I had the opportunity to learn Silversmithing, Marquetry, stone masonry etc at their age). We have also noticed those involved in the process have been far more willing to take creative risks within their sketchbooks which significantly contributes to the higher grading boundaries when assessing work.