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Venue: Dulwich College

Dates: This workshop ran for one week from Monday the 18th February until Friday the 22nd February 2019.

Workshop Information

This is a fast-paced and energetic course led by paper marbler Lucy McGrath. Marbling is a fascinating technique that lies somewhere between painting, print-making and science – paints are floated onto a bath of thickened water and manipulated to make beautiful designs. Traditionally associated with bookbinding, Lucy is on a mission to modernise the craft, using a range of innovative techniques and materials.

Students were guided through a variety of different techniques, gradually building up technical skill. They learnt Japanese suminagashi and traditional combed patterns, as well as modern wave techniques and controlled mandala designs.

Experimentation was encouraged, and a range of materials were explored including fabric, ceramic and wood. Each student finished with a range of special marbled items including apparel such as hats.


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