Camilla Dilshat


I am currently a student at the Hampstead School of Art, on the Fine Art Advanced Course, and a recent UCL graduate of History. I am working towards a MA course in Fine Art and hopefully a budding career as an artist and painter! I obviously spend most of my time working and making, but I also still enjoy a bit of history reading around the topics which interest me most!


My first workshop with The Creative Dimension Trust was the Marquetry and Gilding course at Buckingham Palace. Trying out a traditional practice, used for hundreds of years, was such a unique opportunity that was vital for the breadth of experimentation within my A-Level portfolio as well as being more widely inspired by art history and the history of objects. Although I ended up studying history instead of accepting my Art Foundation Year offer, my connections to The Creative Dimension Trust allowed me to remain engaged with my artistic side, taking part in other workshops such as: mural painting, etching, geometric drawing and signwriting. As part of the alumni community, I am still able to access all these diverse experiences which continue to help me develop my portfolio again for MA applications. Overall, I have learnt and continue to learn so much about a wide variety of skills and ways of making from The Creative Dimension Trust, opening up the possibilities of how I can apply and evolve my artistic practice!