Our vision is to enable young people to work with leading global specialists to develop fine handskills to inspire future careers.

Courses are free of charge to all successful applicants.

All direct recruiting is at schools located in areas of social/economic deprivation or geographic isolation.

We aim to have 80% of participants from less advantaged backgrounds.

“Stumbling upon The Creative Dimension Trust was a chance encounter which ultimately changed the course of my life. This encounter gave birth to a pathway which not only led me to the career of my dreams but allowed me to open my horizons and understand the big wide world of arts and crafts which is so often overlooked in the academic inclined society we live in.”

TCDT Alumnus, Jay Patel


The Creative Dimension Trust (TCDT) offers workshops, where tuition and materials are free, to young people who show potential in forging a career pathway where precise hand-eye co-ordination, and the ability to understand and construct 3-dimensional shapes are prerequisite. We are pleased to announce that our workshops are now open to 14-19 year olds.


TCDT offers a wide range of workshops from stone letter carving to sign writing on skateboards and architectural model making.  The Trust is determined to show our talented young attendees the vast range of potential employment opportunities related to the transferable skills which students develop through our diverse programme.

Fundraising Events 2022

A series of unique lectures and small classes delivered by experts in their field.

All proceeds from these lectures and workshops will go towards providing FREE workshop opportunities for our young students.

Adult Workshops

Tuesday 8th November 2022: Hand Embroidery with Amy Burt

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