Mural Painting at Bow Road Studios

An exciting new community mural has been unveiled in Bow, East London, thanks to the combined artistic talents of three TCDT alumni and their former tutor and renowned artist, Adam Williamson. The team embarked on a journey to create a striking geometric mural outside Adam’s art studio, infusing vibrancy into the local community.



The three student artists – Camilla Dashat, Ellie Harrison and Alistair Clews – eagerly embraced the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience by undertaking the challenging task of mural painting, all while continuing to learn from acclaimed TCDT tutor Adam Williamson. From concept to creation, the new mural project is a shining example of talent and collaboration.

Over the course of four days, the students immersed themselves in every facet of the mural’s creation, beginning with the initial stages of wall preparation, including cleaning and priming. After preparing the wall, the entire surface was painted black to allow for projecting the intricate design onto the wall, marking it out, and using chalk snap lines to guide the creation of the geometric pattern. The team then began masking shapes, spraying infills and painting outlines. Finally, they added intricate details to bring the geometric mural to life.


Commissioned by Studio Manager, Bethany Parkinson, the mural, entitled ‘Jewel of Attarine’, depicts a tenfold geometric pattern in various shades of opaque and iridescent blue, testament to Adam’s specialisation in Arabesque and biomorphic art. Much of his work draws inspiration from the shapes and patterns found in nature and the mural is no different.

For over five years, Adam has been a prominent figure at Bow Road studios, known for conducting workshops and engaging with local residents. Speaking about the mural’s impact and importance, Bethany say, ‘It encourages people to come down here. A lot of people know about the Gallery and the cafe but not about the studios. We wanted something to draw people down the alleyway ahead of Open Studios’.

Whether you’re exploring the Nunnery Gallery and cafe or taking a leisurely stroll through Grove Hall Park, you will be captivated by the striking mural that now graces Bow Arts’ Headquarters. It is a testament to the power of artistic collaboration and a vibrant expression of creativity.