TCDT Accreditation Scheme

In 2021 The Creative Dimension Trust will be launching a new accreditation scheme.


There are few opportunities for school students to develop and demonstrate hand skills, despite there being a broad range of career opportunities which rely on visual acuity, excellent hand-eye coordination and the ability to translate two-dimensional information into three-dimensional outcomes. Examples of such careers include those which have conventionally been thought of as academic/professional (medicine, dentistry, architecture and engineering) as well as those within the creative industries (conservation, model-making and prop-making).


The aim of The Creative Dimension Trust is to fill this void in available experience by offering students opportunities which will support their career progression. The Trust allows all students:

  • to explore a range of manual, creative crafts
  • to develop and to demonstrate key transferable skills
  • to produce a tangible outcome as evidence of these skills
  • to earn an independently assessed credential


Under the scheme, each student will be assessed by experienced tutors and practitioners at the end of their workshop. These certificates will not only provide recognition of the student’s achievement in their course, but they can also be presented to support applications for future courses and employment.


The accreditation scheme will be piloted during the 2021 Spring workshops before going live in the Summer. To read more about the scheme, including details of the grading system, please click here.