TCDT Mini Foundation Courses

In Autumn 2022, 11 students and 3 teachers from Maria Fidelis School in Kings Cross, London will participate in TCDT’s first mini foundation course.

Lead by TCDT tutors, world-renowned fresco painter Sarah Hocombe and decorative surface conservator/artist Jane Wallis, students and teachers will learn skills in design, drawing, modelling and gilding during six, one-hour, weekly sessions.

Session one: Design

Following a course introduction, students will learn how to draw realistic shadows to create 3D effects in pencil. They will learn how to sketch their designs in plan and elevation and discuss the commissioning process for bespoke work.

Session two: Draw up design

Students will draw the design as a shaded drawing in both plan and elevation, focussing on getting their design drawn to scale, ready for modelling.

Session three: Modelling

Students will be guided into making their shape into a 3D form using plastacine and simple tools.

Session four: Moulding

Students will learn to mix a special two-part moulding material which will then be used to take a cast of their plastacine model to create a 3D mould.

Session five: Casting

Students will create a casting powder mix that will then be poured into their moulds. Once set, the cast will be removed from its mould and left to dry so it’s ready for the final session, gilding!

Session six: Gilding

Students will apply two layers of protective barrier to their plaster casts to prepare them for gilding. Using real 22-carat gold leaf, students will be guided through the delicate gilding process to finish their unique designs.

See more photos from the foundation course here.