TCDT Transferable Skills – Medicine

In this second instalment of our transferable skills blog series, we spoke to Dr Roger Kneebone to hear more about how the skills learned by students who participate in The Creative Dimension Trust (TCDT) workshops can be applied to further studies and careers in medicine.

After many years as a trauma surgeon and later as a GP, Dr Kneebone is now a professor of Surgical Education and Engagement Science at Imperial College, London. While researching how people teach and learn practical skills, Dr Kneebone has observed young people sometimes struggling with practical hand skills when they first start to study science and medicine at university.


TCDT is doing crucial work in helping young people develop the vital hand-skills that all of us need as our careers develop. It’s simply not true that science and medicine are only about learning facts, they depend on skills that take years to develop and you can’t start doing that too soon.

TCDT’s workshops are a fantastic opportunity to work with leading tutors and experience a wide range of skills, whether face to face or online. And although these workshops may seem a long way away from science labs or operating theatres, the skills you learn in a craft workshop are directly relevant to whatever you want your career to be.