TCDT Transferable Skills – Science

In the final episode of our transferable skills series, we spoke to Carol Gamble, Head of Science at Maria Fidelis FCJ Catholic School in London, about how the skills students learn during a wide variety of The Creative Dimension Trust (TCDT) workshops can be applied to the field of science.


We put a lot of emphasis on practical work and developing students’ practical skills…we want them to be able to observe, we want them to measure accurately, we want them to be able to understand size and scale and to be able to handle apparatus confidently and safely.


When students take part in workshops at TCDT, I have seen for myself…students developing all of these skills; they’re paying attention to detail, they’re having to work accurately, they’re having to measure. These are all transferable skills, skills they will use again in the future, both in their science lessons and beyond.