Wren 300 Stone Carving

In a celebration of craftsmanship and heritage, TCDT CEO Penny Bendall took a vital role as a judge in the esteemed Wren 300 Stone Carving Competition during this year’s London Craft Week, 12-13 May. As the CEO of an organisation dedicated to empowering young artists and preserving traditional crafts, Penny’s involvement in the competition highlights TCDT’s commitment to fostering creativity whilst celebrating history and tradition.  


Image Credit: City & Guilds of London Art School


The City & Guilds of London Art School, where the competition was held, has been a cornerstone of the art world for over 165 years. The school offers unique courses that prepare students to work as professionals within the discipline of stone carving. 


The school’s wood and stone carving studios were opened to visitors, who were invited to witness historic craft skills in action. The two-day student carving competition, themed around Sir Christopher Wren this year, encouraged attendees to cast their votes for the talented student carvers who showcased their skills. As well as watching the historic craft skills of wood and stone carving, visitors were also able to try their hand at time-honoured carving techniques.  


The Wren 300 initiative is a multifaceted celebration that commemorates Sir Christopher Wren’s life and work, marking the tercentenary of his passing in 2023. Wren’s legacy is deeply intertwined with the architectural heritage of England. He was not only an acclaimed architect but also a respected scientist and mathematician. His portfolio boasted iconic buildings, such as Royal palaces, the Royal Hospital in Chelsea and 52 churches built after the Great Fire of London in 1666. 


As Penny assumed her role as a judge in the Wren 300 Stone Carving Competition, she brought with her the mission and values of TCDT, promoting traditional crafts, fostering creativity, and celebrating legacy. Against the backdrop of the wood and stone carving studios and the rich heritage of the City & Guilds of London Art School, the competition was a true celebration of artistry and tradition. 


Image Credit: City & Guilds of London Art School