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Venue: Dulwich College

Dates: This workshop ran for one week from Monday 23rd July to Friday 27th July

Workshop Information

‘My concept is to work with the group to develop a life sized live hand puppet, (similar to the style in the image used as promo for the workshop on the creative dimensions website). I’d like to mainly work with a material called Worbla, which is a heat malleable thermoplastic, popular in the prop and puppetry industry. The focus would be on designing, sculpting and painting a head made from Worbla and creating a body from wood, foam and different fabrics. The final puppet is then operated with one hand moving the head and the puppeteers other arm reaching though the clothing and performing as the puppets. its easy operated once made and Roman is aware this is what we will be making and has previously worked with this form of puppet.’

Puppetry Design and Construction

The use of puppetry in theatre has been an established practise for centuries. Over the past decade, there has been a resurgence of the use of puppets, with worldwide smash hits such as Warhorse and Avenue Q. In this workshop, we will be looking at the design process, from initial concepts and briefs, to the actual physical construction. By studying previous examples of Samuel’s work and experimenting with different techniques, each student will create their own puppet for their portfolios.

Image by ©Rah Petherbridge Photography – Monaco-21

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