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Summer 2024: Marbling

Venue: Cockpit Arts, Deptford

Deadline to apply: 18/08/2024

Dates: This workshop will run for four days from Tuesday 20th August 2024 until Friday 23rd August 2024. If the workshop becomes oversubscribed, we will close the application process early.

Workshop Information

Course Outline

Day 1: Course overview, health and safety and Suminagashi ink marbling

  • health and safety for use of tools, iron, hot water and non-toxic chemical (alum and carrageenan)
  • history of marbling
  • materials used for marbling
  • prepare paper and textiles (using mordant Alum)
  • prepare paints
  • prepare marbling bath mix (using Carrageenan)

Students will learn the art of Suminagashi using inks, simple tools and breathwork. They will create surface patterns to transfer to their mordant prepared papers and then create a collage using the dried papers.

Students will also create patterns to transfer to mordant prepared (by tutor) fabrics to be used for 10th Anniversary Exhibition tableware.

Papers and textiles to hang to dry overnight.


Day 2: Turkish Ebru and European marbling – basic patterns

Students will be taught simple Turkish Ebru and using stylus tools will make 4 basic coloured European patterns, before transferring to their mordant prepared paper.

Papers to hang to dry overnight.


Day 3: European marbling – combs and waves marbling

Students will revisit the previous days European patterns, building on these to create combed patterns and be taught a Spanish Wave, Nonpareil and Bouquet pattern. These will be transferred to mordant prepared papers and textiles.

Papers and textiles to hang to dry overnight.


Day 4: Make a product

  • sealing papers and textiles – health and safety for use of iron
  • health and safety for hand tools, scissors and blades

Students will seal their dried papers and fabrics using an iron.

Students will make a marbled fabric lantern. Each lantern will include a battery-operated tea-light.

Using a template, students will cut fabric, a lantern backing paper and a lantern base.

Attach fabric and prepare lampshade rings before attaching to fabric lampshade. Seal edges.

Students will make a concertina style folded sketchbook, using marbled paper. This will involve cutting boards, gluing and use of bookbinding bone folder tool.


Meet the Tutor

This workshop will be run by marbling artist and TCDT tutor Rachel O’Connell, the designer-maker behind sustainable brand ROCWORX®. Rachel has over 30 years of marbling experience having trained with artists in Turkey, Australia, Canada and the UK for both European and Suminagashi marbling techniques. She hopes to show how this heritage craft can be used in present-day design and aims to create beautiful, practical products and to help educate, with a goal to pass on this beautiful craft to future generations.



This workshop will start daily at 10am and finish at approximately 4:30pm.


Transferable Skills and Future Careers

All of our workshops give you a valuable chance to develop a range transferable skills. This is a great workshop for anyone who is interested in learning some of the skills required for careers in: Art, Design, Conservation, Fine Art, Illustration, Marbling and Bookbinding (to name a few)


Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible to apply you will need to be 14 – 19 years old during the dates of the workshop.

You should be creative and have an interest in the careers listed above, or similar areas. You should also have good hand-eye co-ordination.

In your application you should demonstrate a passion for working with your hands.

You must be able to attend every day of the workshop.

Please be sure that you have read our Eligibility Criteria and Applications section at the bottom of the Workshop page before applying.


Course Funding

Our workshops are fully-funded by generous sponsors.  Places are limited, therefore, we recommend you submit your application as early as possible.


There are only 10 spaces available on this workshop. If the workshop becomes oversubscribed, we will close the application process early. 


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