TCDT Alumni Committee

The Creative Dimension Trust alumnus, and winner of the 2019 Annual Award for Outstanding Achievement, Jay Patel writes below about the launch of The Trust’s new Alumni Committee.



Established in late 2020, The Creative Dimension Trust (TCDT) Alumni Committee has been formed from a panel of aspiring individuals who have had their own unique journeys through TCDT.

Our aim as a committee is to reach out and celebrate the many great achievements of our alumni after their time at TCDT. We also aim to form a community of alumni, which will allow us to spread and share information about employment and work experience opportunities in specific creative career paths. The community also aspires to inspire those currently on their journey through TCDT, showing them the possibilities and potential they possess as hard-working creative individuals.

Members of the committee aim to speak directly to young people at schools and events, providing them with first-hand success stories which will inspire them to follow their creative dreams. Regardless of background, wealth or location, our community will aim to showcase the talents of all young creatives, and we are determined to bring the best out of creative young minds.


To find out more about the Alumni Committee members and their TCDT journeys, please read their profiles below:


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